Peninsula Sparky is an experienced practitioner using Design and Construct (D&C) methods of project delivery for commercial, residential and medium density housing developments.

Here’s how it works

A developer will engage Peninsula Sparky as the contractor to provide all design and construction services for the entire project, beginning to end. We are then responsible for both the integrity of the design as well as the quality of the installation.

Traditional phases of construction within a standard medium density housing project include:

  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documentation
  • Tendering
  • Construction Administration

The Peninsula D&C process

Our D&C process combines these stages. As a result, construction can proceed before the design is completely finished. This allows for ordering items with long lead times and locking in pricing of commodities to reduce dramatic price changes. The methodology is highly responsive, allowing for design adjustments to quickly be made when necessary.

The Peninsula D&C system has significant advantages for both developers and contractors, hence the increasing popularity.

  1. Single Point of Responsibility  With a single contractor responsible for quality, cost and timing for both design and construction across the entire project, risk management is greatly improved. Peninsula Sparky shoulders responsibility for producing an end product that fulfils aesthetic and functional objectives, and also meets budget and schedule constraints.
  2. Quality Control  The traditional tendering process produces lowest price bidders who may not always work to the same agenda as the developer. Standards may slip and corners may be cut so the low bidder can turn a reasonable profit. When you contract  Peninsula D&C, we provide a warranty that design documentation is complete and error-free.
  3. Cost Control  The Peninsula D&C design process starts with the final deliverable in mind. Our end-to-end system does away with the piecemeal approach to ordering and installation. As a result of our experience with similar projects, techniques and methods can be used to provide potential shortcuts that can add tremendous value to projects.
  4. Time Control  Efficient use of resources in the Peninsula D&C system result in design and construction being overlapped, so total project time can be significantly reduced. Time savings translate into lower costs and earlier completion dates. This makes the Peninsula D&C system ideal for projects needing to be fast-tracked.
  5. Administrative Control  With Peninsula overseeing the entire process, building owners and developers are not required to spend time coordinating communications between designers and builders. Instead, developers are able to concentrate on the big picture decisions required to make their project a success.

Benefit from our D&C experience

Our experience with design and construct projects covers multiple industries. We have completed industrial (factories, offices), commercial (high-rise, retail) and residential (single and multi-unit housing projects).

At Peninsula Sparky, we've learned that the design and construct process has a lot of advantages, which can only be only realised if the developer has complete trust in the contractor. Our top priority is to develop lasting relationships with our customers, based on trust and performance.

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