Eco housing

When our newest client advised they were after a well designed energy efficient home with modern features, The Peninsula Sparky worked with them to ensure their dreams would become a reality.

Time controlled security lighting and a touch of automation gave this client exactly what they were after with the new home.

We installed the Legrand “My Home Automation” package in this installation to give the client some additional controls for the lighting. The 3.5 Inch touch screen not only served as a control hub for the lighting controls but also acted as a web server so the client could control the lighting via the My Home App available on IOS and Android.

LED lighting

LED lighting is no longer a luxury item in housing. Unfortunately there is still so my misinformation regarding the technology and people are installing lighting that is not up to the standard required for modern living.

We installed a mix of 70mm and 90mm 10 watt LED lights in warm white. These lights offer a 90 degree angle which negates shadowing that is prevalent with other LED lights.

Low energy usage

With the combination of LED lighting and the lighting control we are able to also watch the energy consumption vi the 3.5 inch touch screen. The My Home system offers energy management feature by attaching toroids to the mains or to any circuit that you want to watch. This ensures that you can see exactly what you are using at any time via a digital readout or graph on the touch screen.